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ATA Certified Safety Program
      Lowering your WC Costs

The purpose of the Certified Safety Program (CSP) is to recognize ATA members who develop effective safety programs within their facilities, and provide members of the  Workers Compensation Fund incentive to recognize the importance of workplace safety controls and to commit to the reduction of workplace injuries and to the safety and health of their employees.

We strongly believes in the benefits of effective safety controls. An effective safety program will reduce employee accidents and injuries.  Any Fund Member who completes the requirements of this program and maintains them in good faith and commitment will receive reduction in their worker’s compensation premiums.

Overview of the Program
The requirements of the program consist of eight areas of operation that affect the safety of employees and the control of workplace accidents and injuries. The program also includes a tiered incentive based upon reduction of your company’s loss experience.

The eight areas of operation are:

  1. Management Commitment to the Reduction of Workplace injuries

  2. Communication of Management’s Commitment

  3. Management Control

  4. Policies and Guidelines

  5. Identification and Control of Hazards in the Company

  6. Hiring the Right Employee(s)

  7. Employee Training and Awareness

  8. Proper Reporting and Handling of Workplace Injuries and Claims

Assistance in Implementing This Program
Assistance in implementing the requirements of this program is available. Forms and information that you need to implement the requirements of this program can be found in the ATAWC Loss Control Guideline Manual. If you have questions or need other assistance or information to implement this program that you cannot get from the Loss Control Guideline Manual please contact our Loss Control Staff.  If you do not have a copy of the Loss Control Guideline Manual, just give us a call and we will send you one.

Tiered Incentive Based Upon Loss Experience  Based upon individual member loss experience (beginning January 1, 2006), participating company’s are eligible for a safety credit toward their workers’ compensation Contributions. Each year, a loss history will be pulled on each member of the CSP for the proceeding accident year to determine that member’s eligibility for a safety credit. Based upon the member’s Loss Ratio (see below for definition), the following applies to the next year’s renewal:

    Loss Ratio of 35% or less = 10 % Safety Credit
    Loss Ratio between 36% to 50% = 5 % Safety Credit
    Loss Ratio between 51% to 70% = 3 % Safety Credit

Loss Ratio = Incurred Losses (Paid + Reserved)
------------Divided by----------------
Company Annual Audited Premium

NOTE: Compliance with the Alabama Trucking Association Workers Compensation Funds Safety Certified Program does not indicate in any way your company is in total compliance with DOT or OSHA compliance programs.




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