ATA Comp Fund


ATA Comp Fund Celebrates THIRTY YEARS!


For thirty (30) years, the Alabama Trucking Association Workers' Compensation Fund (ATA Comp Fund) has been providing workers' compensation coverage, risk management and safety services, and claim management to trucking and transportation companies. In 1993, the ATA Comp Fund was formed to assist Alabama Trucking Association members obtain affordable coverage during the early 1990s, when workers' compensation rates were skyrocketing for the trucking industry. This action helped develop our tagline of By Truckers, For Truckers.

The ATA Comp Fund program continues to grow in the state of Alabama and, with the formation of Alliance Interstate Risk, growth continues across the southeast. Our combined programs are now recognized as one of the largest transportation-related workers' compensation programs in the nation. On behalf of the ATA Comp Fund Board of Trustees, leadership group, and entire team, we invite you to join us in celebrating 30 years of providing exceptional workers' compensation coverage to our industry.

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