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Behavior-Based Loss Control

Loss Control and Safety embody the heart and soul of a business and is a direct reflection of owners and executive management. Safety is as much conceptual as it is tactical and fundamental. It is also cultural and demographic, as both play a major role in predictive modeling for an employer. We view loss control as much more than safety manuals, checklists, OSHA and DOT inspections. Our behavior-based, data-driven model starts at the top by engaging owners and executives.

By understanding their business, we can evaluate safety culture and accountability, then offer recommendations to eliminate or reduce the potential for losses. To change loss patterns, employers must understand loss analytics and demographics. Once understood, predictive modeling is utilized to develop a plan of action. Results are continuously monitored for compliance and adjustment. This proactive approach to Loss Control and Safety empowers the employees to make good decisions which can help in eliminating losses regardless of age, time in service, or turnover rate.

This methodology of Loss Control and Safety will not only produce immediate results, but more importantly, it will foster long-term cultural changes and will have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

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