ATA Comp Fund


CSP Update Deadline is August 31st


The Certified Safety Program, which is available to all Fund members, offers participating companies the opportunity to receive additional discounts on their renewal premium based on certain criteria and achieving a qualifying loss ratio.  Once enrolled, program requirements must be maintained to receive the CSP credit. 

Our Risk Managers are currently following up with participants regarding their CSP requirements.  The deadline for any implementation that will affect the 2018 CSP score is August 31st.  If you have made any changes to your safety program by implementing one or more of the requirements, make sure you notify your Risk Manager in order to take advantage of the discounts that could be available!
Remember, the CSP can save your company an extra 1% to 10% in addition to the Fund discounts and retrospective dividend credits distributed*.
Should you have any questions, or require any additional information, please contact our office at (334) 834-7911 or your Risk Manager.
Michael Smith, CDS, TRS
Risk Manager (Northern Region)              

Candy Woodruff, CDS, TRS
Risk Manager (Central Region)   
Victor Whatley, CDS, TRS
Risk Manager (Southern Region)         

Don Anchors, CDS, CBES
Director of Risk Management
*Retrospective dividend credits available after participating in Fund for three consecutive years.

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