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Risk Management Advisory Committee (RMAC) Meeting Recap


The RMAC held its inaugural meeting on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at the ATA offices in Montgomery, Alabama.  The goal of the committee is to bring together a small group of industry leaders to discuss current topics, new injury trends, safety initiatives, and resolutions to solve pressing issues within the transportation industry.  We are pleased to present the following main topics that were discussed as well as the takeaways from the meeting to our Members.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Safety & Change Behavior

New technology systems are being introduced into the workplace to 1) protect the driver, 2) protect the company, and 3) improve driver behaviors. However, some companies are reluctant to utilize this technology due to driver buy-in.  CLICK HERE for solutions our committee discussed to influence driver participation.

Driver Engagement & Battling Complacency

We all know how hard it is to HIRE new drivers, but what about keeping the ones we have?  How do we engage drivers and make them feel valued?  How do we leverage driver managers/dispatchers to communicate to the fleet and reduce complacency?  CLICK HERE for a few concepts that we developed through our discussions.

Situational Awareness

100% of falls are preventable, but these remain leading causes of claims.  How do we make situational awareness a big deal and engage the safety conversation with drivers and company personnel?  How can we implement procedures without making it "just one more thing to check off and blow off"?  CLICK HERE to see what we came up with.

Should you have any questions or would like additional information on any of these ideas, please contact your ATA Comp Fund Risk Manager or a Risk Management Advisory Committee member.  We are excited to assist you with creating and implementing new ideas for your safety programs.

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