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We’ve got a video for that!


In April 2018, the ATA Comp Fund YouTube channel was established.  We are constantly updating with our custom safety videos, produced by our Risk Management team with the help of Members.  To date, we have OVER ONE MILLION MINUTES VIEWED!  The videos are short, relatable, relevant and job-specific; below are a few samples:

Trucking (General):




Our ATA Comp Fund Risk Managers continually look for new ways to assist our Membership with safety training for their employees.  Subscriptions with vendors such as WebNet Online Training, Safety Source, and the National Safety Council are available at no additional cost to our Members.  We encourage you to utilize these FREE resources as supplements to orientations and periodic trainings.  

If you are not already set up and using these educational tools, contact your Risk Manager today.  And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here!

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