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Kimble Coaker, CPA Photo

Kimble Coaker, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

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Donald Boatright Photo

Donald Boatright

Chief Operating Officer

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Todd Hager, ARM Photo

Todd Hager, ARM

Director of Claims

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Doug Moseley, CPA Photo

Doug Moseley, CPA

Director of Finance

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Don Anchors, CDS, CBES Photo

Don Anchors, CDS, CBES

Director of Risk Management

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Mike Zucco, CIC Photo

Mike Zucco, CIC

Director of Business Development

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Kimberly Best, CPIA, CISR Photo

Kimberly Best, CPIA, CISR

Marketing Assistant and Event Coordinator

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Debra Calhoun Photo

Debra Calhoun

Accounts Receivable/Payable Representative

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Katie Coaker Photo

Katie Coaker

Underwriting and Accounting Analyst

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Abby Greer, CPIA Photo

Abby Greer, CPIA

Marketing and Communications Representative

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Heather Horn, CISR Photo

Heather Horn, CISR

Underwriting Assistant

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Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Companies never EXPECT a worker to be injured on-the-job, but should always be ready in the event it does happen. Checkout the Workers' Compensation Institute's outline of ...

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